Welcome to my blog! Now let’s open up.

Welcome to my blog! Now let’s open up.

Thank you for coming to visit!

This is going to be a place for me to share with you my thoughts, experiences, successes and failures. I’ve made an agreement in my own mind to allow myself to be vulnerable, to expose my hopes, dreams, fears and obstacles with a goal of helping others on their own paths or in some cases – just for a good laugh at my expense. I’ve thought about doing something like this for a while and although I have no idea what I’m doing and it’s scary, I’m so excited to put an end to the “what if” and to have started the “just give it a damn go!”

A little about me.

Helena (Hell – lay – nuh) I’m 26, I have an enormous passion for karate and the journey of development associated with it. I am currently a 1st dan Black Belt and compete on a national and international level.

Before Karate I was a dancer and although I loved being on stage I was painfully shy, overcoming this is something I will write a lot about. I have also had a major spinal surgery that took a long physical and mental recovery. I don’t work in the industry I am passionate about so creating balance is always an area of focus- lets work on that together!

What you’ll find here.

A lot of the content you’ll see will be martial arts and health based. What I’m so excited to share is the parts of that world that affect everything else, whether you are in the martial arts world or not. So many of the tools I have developed throughout my training are 100% transferable to everyday life. A few examples of topics I’m excited to share my (very much still growing) experience on are;

  • Creating self confidence
  • Preparing for competition
  • Food habits – learning to love the food your body truly wants
  • Goal setting & management
  • Taking control of your mindset
  • Dealing with negative influences
  • Work/life/passion balance
  • The mental recovery from a physical injury
  •  Maintainable approaches to exercise and nutrition

And more as I’m inspired along the way!

Where do you come in?

I’m hoping you will be able to engage with me with public comments and/or private messages. Share your own hopes, dreams, fears and obstacles so I can tailor my following posts back to you.

As these are early days, like the earliest day, like day one; I’m undecided on how often I will be posting at this stage. Once a week will likely be my starting place, unless I get too excited to wait to share. If you follow my Instagram, I will be posting on there to let you know when new blogs have been written and I’m sure there’s somewhere you can subscribe 😛

If you had any favourites in my list of proposed topics, leave a comment, let me know what it is and I’ll base my first real post on that topic.

Here’s to pushing comfort zones and trying new things!!


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  1. Awesome!!. I’m definitely going to recommend my students follow this. Can’t wait to see more. 👊