A brief thank you!!

A brief thank you!!

THANK YOU!!! I’ve been so overwhelmed with support this past week. With my grading on the weekend, with feedback about my video and blog posts and with people reaching out with such positive energy and support towards what I do. I am so appreciative and I truly wanted to say thank you.

I love what I do with my sport, I love having the opportunity to be a role model to the next gen of martial artists coming through and I love the energy I am fed by the karate community.

I’ve had my blog going for a month now and I have had over 1000 viewers come to my page. I also now have over 3000 followers on my instagram and I’m ecstatic with how active everyone is with likes, comments and shares. But I want to make sure I’m posting what you want to see. Please let me know what topics you would like more content on, whether it be training videos or blog related.

I am a very small fish in this online world, and I don’t wan’t to feel like a duplicate of anything else available online. I want to be tailor made to you with content that inspires.

I will be writing my blog next week on my 2nd dan grading, my preparation, how I felt on the day, why I cried and who I have to thank for helping me get there. Keep your eye out, subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already, let me know what you want to see on here and please keep sharing the content that you enjoy through fb, email etc. It truly means so much to me.

You rock!

3 Replies to “A brief thank you!!”

  1. Hi Helena, I think a few blogs with dietry information and also some of the recipes that you use and cook with would be great please. I’ve just started a 24 session programme with a PT, had a consultation this morning, I need to get more fats and proteins into my diet, she said avocados, peanut butter,nuts and seeds. So anything you can come up with too would be great. Thanks, Shaun

  2. allways love your blogs, motivation tools you use would be a good read and lesson for lots of us ( in depth music with there moments behind it would be much appreciated )

  3. Hi Helena, i was wondering if you do any big compound lifts during your workouts to compliment your martial arts? Or whether you stay away from weights altogether? If thats the case, any reason for the preference?
    If you don’t personally do any lifts… what lifts would you recommend to be most “sports specific” to your martial art?